About Us


Kate Noel is a Small Business Consultant and Online Marketing Strategist, as well as founding From Behind Closed Doors in May of 2019. Nicole Valley is a Small Business Consultant and Online Marketing Strategist, as well as CEO of From Behind Closed Doors. Their goal together is to help small business owners get back to their passion and reason for opening a business; instead of marketing it.

Kate and Nicole work with the business owner to develop a business growth plan specifically for them. To build a positive and high-ranking online presence through reputation management, generation of more customers and sales through online advertising , and not only get a business to the first page of Google, but to dominate and take over it.

Their specific abilities to assist businesses meet their goals came from an intense training program with LMV and Smart Marketers. The strategy consists of a three-part method to help a business gain immediate results and quick return on investment.

Through their program Kate and Nicole are teamed up with a group of 4000 other Smart Marketers that together invest hundreds of thousands of dollars in ensuring that all services and ad campaigns are always up to date on trends and at peak fulfillment level.

Kate and Nicole offer an all inclusive approach by including any or all online business services, such as marketing and management of Google, Facebook, Instagram and LinkedIn. Website design, mobile app and television streaming app design and development. Message marketing, e-Commerce, SEO, content writing, and much more.

Their highly developed and specialized tech team comes with over seventeen years experience and can fulfill any technical need a business may have. Between their expertise in business growth and online marketing tactics and the highly developed tech team, they can literally create a businesses online presence from start to finish. All while running Ad campaigns that guaranteed exclusive warm leads, so there is no guessing about the interest.

They have a unique method to their style of marketing that not only draws the consumer to purchase one time, but also sets the business up for repeat business.

Kate and Nicole, began their business with a mission to help others, help them, to help others. Each partner with a Foundation of their own.

Kate’s ultimate goal of From Behind Closed Doors is a Foundation to assist Adult Survivors of Childhood Sexual Assault. After going through the process of putting her own abuser behind bars, she realized how unfortunately fortunate it was to have her cousin go through the process with her. Living states apart, there were times where they were faced to stand alone, but still had the cushion of a phone call to fall back on. The Foundation, From Behind Closed Doors Survivors wants to be that cushion or hand to hold through the equally traumatic process of putting one’s abuser behind bars. To give them hope and show them the ultimate healing of being a survivor.

Nicole’s ultimate goal of From Behind Closed Doors is a Foundation to help those diagnosed with an Autism Spectrum Disorder. To build From Behind Closed Doors Tech, a school devoted to teaching job skills for our world of technology. This will ultimately help support them in their journey from adolescence to adulthood and living with social disability. This will allow people diagnosed with autism to feel more confident and capable of living in our society as adults. Giving them the skills for high demand careers, a good-paying job, and a bright future.

With these goals in mind, Kate and Nicole are only willing to provide the very best for all their client’s businesses. To build them, builds theirs and building theirs, builds something so much greater.

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